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The super sharp blade, Leymar handle and pocket clip make it a favorite among horseman and general purpose users. It's lightweight and handy clip provides quick access. Measures 4" closed and 7" inches open.



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  Enter the exciting world of the performance and working ranch horse.  Indulge yourself in exciting books and articles that put you in the saddle without even catching your horse.









  Stormy the Barrel Horse
An epic novel of horses
An Amazon.com Best Seller!


         Training the Horse and Rider  Volume I
     This CD contains 25 articles on training the horse and rider. Each article has easy to understand instructions to develop a soft touch for cueing your horse in a manner he will easily understand.
     If you'd like to enhance your horse's performance, then this CD will start you on the way to better performance for both you and your horse. These excellent training articles have appeared in National Livestock Publications in both the Picket Line and the Cowboy Chatter Columns. They are now available to the public in this inexpensive CD. A $75 value for only:  
$12.95 + $2.50 Shipping.

    A sweeping epic of horses, as large as the Northern Rockies. A classic novel of one woman's struggle and conflict, courage and determination to ride and win. An adventure story that sprawls across the Rocky Mountains and fuses men and women, ranchers and rustlers in an unforgettable saga bound together by an indomitable stallion. 



  by Ralph Galeano 







354 page novel, Stormy The Barrel Horse
$16.95, plus $2.50 Shipping










 eBook edition of Stormy The Barrel Horse        $8.99


  by Ralph Galeano


New! Contemporary Western   Lost Mountain Stallion          










     Print book
Ralph Galeano







eBook version of Lost Mountain Stallion $4.99                                             
















    by Ralph Galeano

Paperback book Lost Mountain Stallion $8.99 + $4.95 Priority Mail










New!  A true story of Ranger's life-told in his own words.

 Christy Wood has written a wonderful account of a horse's life. She relates a true story of one horse's lifetime from foaling through a meaningful life and the finality of an emotional parting when at 32 years of age, Ranger passes on to horse heaven to join some of his old pasture mates.
  The true story is brought to life and narrated in the horses own words. Ranger tells us how his life was blessed when Christy came into his world. His story unfolds as he tells of his relationship with Christy and how, with her help, he was able to serve her and many of her students to learn the ways of the horse. For over 30 years, Ranger played a major role in Christy's career. Christy Wood's book, Ranger, creates a new and exciting twist to the horse and owner relationship. If you own a horse or just wish you did, Ranger is an illustrated book that you are sure to enjoy.

$12.95 + $5.15 Priority Mail









Christy Wood












     Wild horses and badlands in the Northern Rockies intertwine in a classic adventure story of a young ranch woman on the trail of her stolen mares.  Warned not to ride into the rugged country known as the Devil?s Maze, she gambles after finding the trail of her mares and the hoof print of another strange horse.
     Believing she is close to finding her mares, she continues her search and discovers a cave that leads her deep into the Devil's Maze.  A lone black stallion follows and attacks her and her saddle horse on a high mountain cliff near Lost Mountain.  A horrifying fight ends with both horses and rider plunging from the cliff into a gorge with no discernable escape.
     A week passes as she recovers from the fall.  She is trapped in the rocky gorge and survival with the fierce stallion becomes a nightmare she is determined to win.  Food, water and escape become her obsession as she shares the gorge with the wild black stallion. 






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